Stylish lingerie ideas to put the fun back in the bedroom

It’s that time of year again, the time when hearts and candy fill the stores and thoughts turn to love. Yes, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you may be thinking about what type of gift to give or enjoy this year. Why not treat yourself to something new and, perhaps, a little spicy that will set the sparks flying in the bedroom?

Types of stylish lingerie

Before you visit a leading online lingerie site, you’ll want to take a moment and explore the different types of lingerie and decide what style will suit you. Selecting lingerie for yourself should always be first and foremost about how that lingerie makes you feel about yourself. Lingerie is meant to help you to feel sexier and more attractive, so choosing something that is uncomfortable in any way will defeat the whole purpose of getting it. The good news is, no matter what your figure, personality or personal style, you can find lingerie to suit your needs.

If you are less than confident about the way your body looks, or perhaps are a bit on the shy side, you cannot go wrong with a negligee. Slips and nighties hide many trouble spots on the body while still allowing you to enjoy the silky fabrics and naughtiness that comes with wearing lingerie. Babydoll teddies and flyaways are slightly more fitted choices, with more exposure, of course, but they still allow you to hide trouble areas, especially the tummy.

Next up we have garter belts and corsets. These have the advantage of being wearable under your clothing as well. They accentuate the natural curves of your body, even if you are on the slender side, defining the waist, smoothing out the tummy area and boosting the bustline.

Covering almost the entire body, the bodystocking actually reveals quite a lot as they are usually made of lace or mesh. Bodystockings are getting into much more daring territory, perfect if you are more of an extrovert. Bodystockings are available with strategically placed cut-outs, as well as being made from racy materials such as leather and fishnet.

Many exotic and truly naughty items of lingerie are categorized as such because of how they are made. Teddies, chemises, garter belts, mini dresses and bodysuits are all available in sheer fabrics or fishnet, leaving little to the imagination. They are also available in more opaque fabrics, but with plenty of cut-outs; some are composed almost entirely of straps of fabric or lace. If you want to try one of these more daring outfits but still feel a bit shy about the exposure, look for some coordinating pasties to add a bit more modesty.

The choice of fabric is a very important part of any lingerie purchase and can define the look and feel of the lingerie. A silky, lacy babydoll can convey a ladylike quality, while the same style of babydoll cut from leather fabric will add a wild and even kinky tone to the occasion.

If you are planning a special Valentine’s Day, or if you just want to treat yourself to something stylish and sexy, a flattering item of lingerie may be just the ticket for you.